Recently,  I received a few happy emails. Apparently I’ve been a leader in the local Team Red, White and Blue chapter for an entire year.

That weekend my chapter participated in Eagle NamasDay, a yoga-centered event that encouraged community at Team RWB participation in an ancient tradition that soothes restless souls.

Team RWB Eagle NamasDay at Happy Goat Yoga.

The two oldest Mountain Kids participated in the practice, which was led by Lindsay. She knew how to quiet the giggles and correct stances in a way that was calm yet firm. It was a great sequence and informative class. 

Earlier this year, after GORUCK, I came up with an action plan that I hoped would improve my life. One of the new habits was reincorporating yoga and meditation into my daily routine. I must admit, for the past few weeks, my meditation has only been a few days a week. I may take a mental break during work or dealing with the kids to gather myself, but it hasn’t been true meditation.

I’ve hit a temporary wall. In order to get my workout in, or anything personal such as writing for this blog, I have to do it in the morning when everyone else is asleep. If I don’t, life demands too much for me to break away. And right now, my mornings are filled withheld ing ready for work and sit ups from a challenge I’m doing with Charity Challenges.

Being at NamasDay re-energized me and reignited my want to get back in a set training plan. I haven’t set any goals for 2017, except for learning how to become a better leader and interacting more authentically with people.

I know what I want to do: more GORUCKs, a few obstacle course races (Spartan trifecta), Runners World Festival, a few Team RWB training camps; a sprint triathlon and an ultra. But that seems like too much, especially for my wallet. 

From a recent ruck.

For now I’m going to focus on one goal at a time. Right now that goal is to rebuild my base after being sidelined with that long-lasting sinus cold. I’ve been doing a lot of plyometrics and rucking so far. Now I’m going to dust off my running shoes and get a new battery for my Milestone pod, set up my updated Road ID bracelets and log those winter miles.

I updated my RoadID and opted to get their grab bag of bracelets. Luckily most of these colors go with my gear so I can be all matchy-matchy.

My Milestone Pod is the older version, but I love how it keep track of my cadence and miles.

I’m going to cross train with yoga, biking and GORUCK. In early January, we’ll see how I feel and make the next goal.

One step at a time. One little thing to add to the pile. Those little things eventually will turn into something big.