So, yeah. Things have been busy here.

Very busy. For every up, there is a down. Sometimes the down is so fast and brilliant, you don’t know you’ve hit bottom.

I moved a lot as a kid. I thought it was cool and fun, until it wasn’t anymore. By then, I think I was on my sixth school of my grade school career.

As an adult, I now know understand why my mom kept our books in boxes on the shelves of my childhood homes. She just had to flip them and put the top on and they were ready to move.

She had a system. She was prepared, almost ready to move at a moment’s notice. I really hoped I wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics. And so far, I’ve been lucky.

Recently, I saw a sign at a local church that said, “Old ways don’t open new doors.”

That’s where we are now — caught in between the old and new, trying to make a new beginning and not being able to ditch the some of the old things that brought us to this spot.

When you try to let the old things go, sometimes it’s a lot harder than expected. There’s some emotional, physical, and maybe financial, turmoil.

It helps to embrace the suck for a little. Take a deep breath and let the bad fill your lungs. Now, blow it out to the wind. Repeat until your body empties, waiting to be filled again with something new, something better.

With that, you dig back in, inching toward a goal — freedom from whatever keeps you awake at night.

I’ll be back. I’m not sure when. I have a lot of blog posts in various stages of production. Each seem kind of … meh. I have so many things to share, but so little organization and wherewithal to make them cohesive.

I’m definitely lacking focus right now in regards to writing. Things aren’t flowing like they usually do. I know why. I’m doing many of the things I was too scared to do. It will pay off, eventually, but for now, it is hard, very hard.

Hopefully, I’ll have something a bit more … put together … for you soon.