So, this past weekend, I was supposed to run my first race of this year, a 5K held in conjunction with the N.C. Potato Festival.

But my husband also wanted to run. Someone had to watch the kids, so I said I would. I still have a lot of that 5K energy in me — as I spent the week as a rest week.

I will, hopefully, run a race on Memorial Day, which will be a little more fitting, as I have all the patriotic running gear.

I just wanted to announce that I now have my third ambassadorship with Move More Fitness. The site, click here , offers tips and inspiration to people through all stages of their fitness journey. You can also follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve spent more time working on the mental aspect of my fitness the past few weeks. To be honest, the clearer I can think, the more I can get accomplished … the more I can work toward the physical fitness goals.

I’ve been working on my mental fitness with the help of books, the most recent of which is Chris Gardner’s “Start Where You Are.” The author, who also wrote “Pursuit of Happyness,” had some great hints, a lot of which has been reinforced through my work at Nerd Fitness . Yes, I have enlisted help from some professionals to get serious about my fitness. After all, I’ve been working on this for five years but can’t seem to make any serious headway on my own.

So, I’m starting with where I am, taking an assessment of what I have mentally and what I think is lacking. I’m working on small habits to create bigger changes in time. I’m hoping that adjusting my mental game will help my quest for better physical fitness.

I’ve seen some change in our family already, especially with our oldest dog, Caesar. In Appalachia, he slept a lot and wasn’t very active. Now, he’s 13 going on 2 — he plays ball and runs around the yard with the kids. He’s happy.

Caesar doesn’t like it if the ball stays on the ground for too long. Throw it now, he barks.

The kids are happier too. And in some ways I am too. I still see some habits that I hoped would change stay in place, but it’s different now in a good way. I’m taking care of stuff that weighted me down in Appalachia. And although it can be a bit unpleasant, it feels good to get it done.

I still have plans to run a fall race, but an debating between a GORUCK Light and a half marathon. If I start training now, I may go for a GORUCK Heavy if it’s available.

Except for the constant allergies, I feel pretty good. Now to put that feeling into action. Can’t live if you don’t experience a little joy, pain, sunshine and rain.