June 2017 marks the end of my 40th year and the beginning of my 41st.

To celebrate, my dog Blue ran away today. When we came home from school, he and about 10 of his tick friends came back to celebrate.

I’ve been getting back on track exercise-wise after juggling a new work schedule. It was a rough May, with about 32 or so walking, rucking and running miles total.

So, to kick off my year with a bang, I plan to go streaking!! No, I’m not going to run naked through the North Carolina countryside. I’m going on a moving streak.

If you have Instagram, check out @pinkcupcakegirl . There is a post about the streak. We just have to go a mile every day this month. Walk. Run. Ruck. Every day.

We can do this!! I’ll be posting updates of my streak on Instagram on @mtnmamarunning  and my Facebook page, Running Mountain Mama. If you decide to join me, use the hashtag in the photo so I can cheer you on.