This past week has been very windy. Here is the Albemarle Sound, within eyeshot of our new home, on a recent day.

I have to say, the move and its aftermath have thrown me for a loop. It took about two weeks to feel that enough is done that I can get back into my fitness routine.

During the move, I realized that I am going to have to tweak my goals for the year, again. My fitness events and race plans have been thrown out the window as reality punched us in the gut.

During this time, one thought that often ran through my head was “What’s the point of training if there’s not anything to train for?” Then my friend who owns a small boutique invited me to do another fashion photo shoot with her.

And I saw my kids, my daughter maybe more so than the boys, fall into the same traps I was falling into — spending time existing, rather than living. I had to get back into the routine for their sakes, to set a good example.

I also had to set a better example for myself. In the few weeks after the move, I threw myself under the bus. The criticism by others and myself was too loud to ignore. I let some people’s version of normal beat up my normal.

My normal is messy, loud, imperfectly perfect … for me.

I train because it calms and refocuses my mind. I focus on what my body can do, not the imperfections brought upon it by society’s norms.

I dwelled a little too long in the negativity.

How did I snap out of it? I cried a lot and started looking into steps I can take to move forward.

Doing a lunge that I’ve never heard of during the Nike Training Club workout.
My first step was to sign-up with the Nike Training Club app. It offers four-week training plans for free at various levels of ability. I did my first workout today (April 19) and it kicked my butt. The training plan is  a mix of bodyweight exercises and running.

I also looked into ways of progressing my dream of turning this blog into something more. I won’t address what the plan is until I actually get the plan started.

Without a plan, I can plan on failing. I’ve failed for far too long.

I hope you are staying on track with your fitness goals. I hope you have a good week.