The Mountain Mama Adventures Facebook page

On New Year’s Eve, I posted a live video on Facebook at the Mountain Mama Adventures page.

I asked people to commit to 30 minutes of activity on New Year’s Day to kick off 2019 on a positive note.

This is something I’ve been doing for several years. It’s something to do when everything is closed. It also is a great way to adventure because the streets are usually empty.

After making the video, I threw out my back fighting some ninjas in my house. At least that’s the version of the story that’s way more interesting than what really happened. But yeah, my back is not very happy right now.

So I still plan on moving today but maybe a ruck instead of a run, and with a lot less weight than the usual 22 lbs. I pack.

During my video, I encourage people to use the time during the activity to think about their word of the year.

Again, I’ve been doing this for several years. This past year, my words were DFQ (Don’t F****** Quit) and worthy.

Repeating those words during particularly hard times got me through many scrapes.

This year, I’m going with persist and greed.

Greed usually has a negative connotation. In 2019, I’m using greed to talk about my time.

As a working mom who works an odd schedule and needs to workout to stay sane, I often push other people’s needs in front of my to-do list. Sometimes this means that I have little time for my workout or things I enjoy.

So I’m going to be greedy with my time. I’m going to carve out time for me and my interests.

This is something I have to do to avoid burnout. To devote myself fully to someone or something, I need to have first taken care of myself.

Persist is to keep going. Keep trying until you get it. Then do it some more until it becomes second nature.

There are some things I’m passionate about that I see through to the end.

Other things, I get bored with, and push them aside for a while. These are the things with which I need to be persistent. Exercise, meal planning and working on mastering certain skills are all things I need to work on more.

I hope to see your 2019 get off to a great start. Let me know what your words are.