To me, this GORUCK event is the ultimate challenge. Unlike other GORUCK events, this is an individual event, where your mettle is tested again and again for 48 hours.

While watching this year’s Selection coverage on Facebook was exciting, I’m not sure I actually want to participate. I know I’m not physically or mentally where I should be to handle the event.

But Selection gave me a new benchmark — the PT test. This test is given at the beginning of Selection. You still have a little over a day of event after this test. If you can’t do the PT test, you’re done. You just wasted your money.

To pass the PT test, you must meet the following standards:

  • 5 mile run finished in 40 minutes (about 8 minutes miles)
  • A minimum of 55 push ups in 2 minutes
  • A minimum of 65 sit-ups in 2 minutes
  • 12-mile ruck run finished in 3 hours and 30 minutes

The real test is to pace yourself. You can’t put all your effort into the 5-mile run because you’ll be exhausted when it comes time to do the ruck.

You have to train to exceed the PT test goals so you won’t have to worry. Once you know you can conquer that test, you can work on developing the mental and physical stamina needed to complete Selection. Less than 5 percent of the people who sign up for Selection get that finishers patch.

As someone who runs a lot slower than 8-minute miles and can’t do many sit-ups and push ups in a row, being able to pass the PT test will a feat.

But I’m willing to put in the work. Let’s get started.