3 — The number of kids who have grown in my womb for nine months.

5 — The age gap in years between Mountain Kid 1 and Mountain Kid 3. Also the number of years I’ve been half-heartedly attempting to lose my pregnancy weight.

220 — My heaviest weight when carrying one of my kids (my middle son).

165 — The ideal race weight — according to numerous publications — I starved myself to obtain while training to compete in my first and only triathlon.

185 — My body’s happy weight before I turned 40. It likes 180-185 lb. range the best.

220 — The amount of weight I have successfully leg pressed.

35 — The amount of weight I like to max my arm curls at right now.

15 — The amount of weight I maxed my arm curls at in 2014.

75 — The weight, in pounds — of the biggest kid I have and will carry to safety at a moment’s notice.

26.2 — The longest race I’ve done in miles.

3,153 — Number of miles I’ve logged on a fitness app since 2013.

These numbers are part of my story. They don’t share the sunrises and sunsets I’ve witnessed. They don’t tell how many times I’ve smiles in triumph or cried just because. They don’t share the magical part of my adventure.

Words do though, as do pictures. Part of my goals for this month is to provide content here a bit more. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s ahead.