Jubilee. Red Dragon. Silence Running. Restless. Atlantic Passage.

These names are painted on the board that sit in the marina of my newish hometown. These names are the monikers of adventure — a chance to escape the land and see the world in a new way.

This weekend has been an adventure. Our septic system is broken. We temporarily relocated (I hope) as we wait for the system to be repaired.

While we hunted for a place to stay, the dogs destroyed Mountain Kid 2’s backpack and lunchbox in search for Goldfish crackers.

We’ve spent two days without technology and in close quarters. Instead of camping out in separate rooms, hooked up to WiFi and our digital devices, we’ve been forced to spend time together.

I learned my youngest kid wants to be a dog. My middle son is an expressive ball of energy that also likes calm and quiet. My daughter is definitely a tweenager — good at making some grown-up decisions but still a kid who enjoys the playground.

And I’m finding new ways to do what I usually do. I can’t use the water at our house for now, so I have to go elsewhere to workout and do household chores. It’s been a good adventure — a way to explore my neighborhood and reconnect with family.

Yesterday, we walked about six miles between going from our temporary housing — a boat — and the restroom facilities and exploring.

I have found that this adventure has brought a sense of urgency to recapture the feeling of connection. We’ve been forced to be together and have, so far, not been at each other’s necks as much as we do when we’re competing with screen time (electronic devices).

This adventure doesn’t have a name yet. My athletic training is “Zombie Apocalypse Training” and it usually has alternative name based on whatever I’m training for — “Training for Life,” Krispy Kreme Challenge Training, Break 28, among them.

Naming the adventure gives me a sense of ownership. It’s also something other member of my family will recognize. Oh, she’s doing that stuff, the kids sometimes say as they roll their eyes while I embarrass them on the playground.

So, I continue my Krispy Kreme Challenge training. Saying that energizes me. I’m ready to kick butt and take names.


Speaking of training, there are two virtual races you should consider for December and January.

Jingle Dash

Move More Fitness is hosting the Jingle Dash 5k. All participants receive a bib and medal. The best photos also get prizes. It’s being held Dec. 17-31, so you have plenty of time to run and enter your times. I’m an ambassador for this group, and plan to join the run.

Nuun Year Dash

This is put together by FitFam, a great virtual race organizer, and Nuun, a great hydration source, of which I also happen to be a 2016 ambassador. You can participate in a 5k or 10k between Jan. 12-21. This event comes with several different price options. The more you pay, the more swag you get. I also plan to participate in this as a time trial for the Krispy Kreme Challenge.