This week, my Zombies, Run! training program wanted me to do a 8.1 mile long run. Umm, no. As much as I want to keep with the training plan’s requirements, a 8.1-mile long run for a 5-mile race is a bit excessive.

I recently listened to a podcast from Applebell Wellness that mentions training for runs, specifically PT tests in the military. Jeni talks about how she trained for the two-mile run by doing intervals. She build a base and her speed. She met her goal without running the full two-miles during a workout.

I think I’m going to try it — shorter workouts with more intensity.

This week’s training plan contained a 35-minute easy run, a 30-minute easy run, a 30-minute interval session and a 8.1-mile long run. I did a ruck for the 30-minute easy run, a 3.3-mile run for the second run, no intervals (I misread the workout) and a 6.8-mile walk/run fest with the kids.

We had some issues with our house that forced us out of the house for a few days, so the kids and I spent time exploring the neighborhood, hanging out at the place where we were roughing it and running errands. We ended up logging a ton of miles in one day, enough for me to call it my long run/walk of the week.

The forecast here calls for rain the remainder of the week. I don’t have a treadmill, so I’m trying to spend as much time as I can outside between storms.

Today’s workout was from We Do Hard Stuff, a great Facebook community in which you can help raise money for charity by participating in the monthly workouts. For December, there are 10 workouts. I did the #MaliaFund workout today: 60 jumping jacks, 50 jump squats, 40 board jumps, 30 sit ups, 20 burpees and 10 chair dips. Do all of that twice. I added running laps between the exercises during round  one. My body feels more sore than I have during any run, but mentally, I feel awesome.

I’ll probably try to keep the plyometric-based workouts with some running up as the weather permits.

I’m also gearing up for 2018, by competing in a deadhang challenge on Instagram, put together by OCR Beast. It’s supposed to help me build some hand and arm strength so I can do an obstacle course race. I’m not sure which one I’ll do yet, but I’m looking at a Spartan Trifeca or maybe a Warrior Dash.

Yeah, I was looking at doing a half Ironman, but I don’t have a lot of time to spend training. I think, for now, it would be hard to fit the required training in my schedule.

Only two more months until the Krispy Kreme Challenge. I feel confident that I’ll crush the time requirements. I’m doing what I should so far in terms of my physical and mental ability.

It’s time to buckle down and kick training up a notch.