I should have run 6.8 miles today. That’s what my training plan says I should do.

But it’s early in the training for the Krispy Kreme Challenge, which takes place in February.

So, I’m staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, contemplating how I’m going to knock out 300 more burpees in two days so I can finish the monthly challenge from We Do Hard Stuff.

As a trainer, I’d be pissed at me too. But to be honest, I already put in three hours of work and have eight more to go tonight. God willing, I’ll be awake tomorrow and I can do my long run then.

When I did my marathon, I had about a month between my longest training run and the actual race. I spent about a month tapering and fine-tuning things. It was a good thing.

I tend to overwork myself. On competition days, I do better if I have some taper time. This allows me to still train, but I’m not tiring myself out before the big race.

So far, most of the training runs for the week have been 30 minutes, two easy runs and one speed-work session.

I made those training sessions, one easy run, a walk on the beach and a time trial.

I like walking and running on the beach because it best simulates trail running. I get the benefit of working muscles that I usually don’t use.

The oldest mountain kids and I walk along the beach, hunting for shells.

I walked with the kids for about four miles total. I wore my trail shoes, which kept out the sand and the cold.

The speed trial was the next day. I originally planned to do an easy run since I had the long run, but I had on lightweight shoes and felt pretty good. So, I just went for it.

The results on my time trial. Not good, but an improvement.

I tried something new in terms of my form. I leaned into the run as much as possible. I also changed my leg mechanics.

Ok, you’re probably asking how do you lean into a run. According to this article from Runners Connect , a technique to improve your form is to lean into the run. You don’t just bend at the waist. It’s in the ankles and it promotes better hip extension when done properly.

I used this technique and one from a Milestone pod insight, which I received while working on improving my stride length. The pod recommended acting as if your pawing at the ground with your feet. It was suggested as a warm up exercise, but I’ve used it a few times during training runs since then. The technique feels as it you’re using more muscles in your foot to propel you forward. It naturally extends your stride.

The photo shows my time trial results. The first mile was more or less a warm up. I felt good, so I decided to see how fast I can go.

While it’s not in the range I need to be in by February (I hope to have solid 10-minute miles) it is encouraging. I think the last time my miles were timed, I was more in the upper 11-minute mile range. These were lower than before, and I felt comfortable.

I felt like I could hold that pace for longer than I did. That’s a great feeling to know that a faster pace can be comfortable for longer than what it was before.

On the weight end, there has been no change. Things are a little less snug in certain areas, but tighter in other areas — mostly in my legs. I have a harder time wearing certain shirts because my shoulders and biceps are a bit bigger than they used to be.

That’s a good thing too.

So tomorrow, 6.8 miles are calling me. I hope to get in as many burpees as I can before then. Hopefully, you can see the celebration parties on Instagram or the Facebook page.

I have an allergic reaction whenever I exercise in the cold.

On a side note, I’m allergic to running in cold weather. No really, I am. It’s something that some people with pollen allergies deal with. I usually break out in an itchy rash after I exercise in colder weather.

So to remedy that, I have to take allergy medicine, which helps some. I also am big into moisturizer before and after any activity. It acts as a barrier and seems to help lessen the effects of the cold weather. I really hope you don’t have to deal with it, but if you do, I hope I provided you some help. Maybe you have some advice to offer on how to deal with it.

Hope you’re having a good November. As the year winds down, are you looking to 2018? If so, what are your goals?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.