Holidays mess with schedules.

The kids are home. You have to visit people.

Then school starts again. But one day into the new semester, you’re hit with a Winter Storm Grayson.

As a former resident of Appalachia, I thought I was prepared. I stocked up on food and made sure all the blankets were out.

But the storm threw a major wrench in my training. It was cold, even inside. My workouts consisted of shoveling the driveway and getting snow away from the car. I rucked two miles which took an hour and a half to complete due to the wind and deep snow. I walked to the kitchen and my work computer a lot. I also did some indoor workouts, but that was spaced out throughout my work shifts, which were altered due to the weather.

I’ve started the competitive eating part of my training. That’s basically drinking more water gradually so when the time comes, I can fill my stomach with a dozen doughnuts.

I’m usually not a water drinker, but this forces me to get that habit into my routine.

I’ve also been dealing with some personal things that I’ve dealt with before. This time, the same feeling of sadness and uncertainty washed over me, but I’ve handled it differently. I hope it’s in a more productive way, but we’ll see the results soon enough.

So, here’s some photos from my adventures during week 9. I’m about halfway though Week 10. Hopefully, I’ll have some more exciting things to report.

Albemarle Sound, Barker House, Edenton, NCA boat lists on the docks. It probably took on water during the recent cold weather.One of my workouts was clearing a path for the car. The winds quickly undid my work after the car left.Frozen Chowan River.