In mid-October, I started working two jobs. About a month later, I fell while trying to get out of my bathtub and injured a chest muscle.

About a week later, when I thought the muscle was all healed up, I hurt it again while trying to do some plyometrics.

So, for a while I didn’t do much exercise other than the walking and biking required for work purposes. I averaged about 3-4 miles a day.

Next week, I embark on a training plan so I can run a half marathon in mid-April. I haven’t run that distance for about three years. I remember my time though, 2 hours and 42 minutes, because I did it two races in a row. I was super mad at myself that my time didn’t improve from one year to the next.

The upcoming course is road with little bit of trails. I think the varying course will suit my needs for a challenge and exploring.

This patch could be yours if you do the GORUCK Resolution Ruck.

Resolution Ruck

Besides starting to train for a half marathon, I’m going to turn the miles I already walk into rucking miles for GORUCK’s Resolution Ruck.

The challenge calls for 50 miles is 15 days, about 3 miles a day. I think I can do that plus what I’ll be doing for my training. I’ve done that before.

This Resolution Ruck got me thinking, maybe I can train to do a Star Course. The distance is now 12, 26.2 and 50 miles. I would probably stick with 12 or 26.2, but can’t decide on either Washington, DC, or Charlotte. Either would be a great adventure.

My first yoga class in forever.

Stretchy and strong

My next goal is something I talked with my coach about. I want to work more on finding a balance between being stretchy and strong. For the past few years, I have neglected my yoga practice in favor of strength training.

I went all in and now I feel stiffer than I was. I am the mom who sits on the floor with her kids and crawls into places parents shouldn’t go. But I can tell I feel more like a brick and a bendy block of clay.

So my coach worked in days of strength and yoga training into my training plan to remind me to do them.

I found a great yoga class. When the instructor started the class by saying, “You deserve to be here,” I knew I was in the right class.

For some reason, I’m excited about this new adventure. I’ve done it before, but it’s different. It feels fresh and all shiny and new.

I can’t wait to jump in.