This week, the harvest switched to less beans and snow peas to many cherry tomatoes.

We have three kinds of tomatoes in the garden — yellow cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and big ones whose name escapes me at the moment.

Roma tomatoes

Roma tomatoes start out a little misshapen but eventually transform to the normal shape.

The other two tomatoes have been doing their own thing — starting like small versions of the adult plants then growing.

Wilted pumpkins

Poor pumpkins

On my last blog post about the garden, I talked about our biggest plant — a pumpkin vine — and how I was cautious optimistic of its survival after being attacked by beetles.

We’re now starting to lose the pumpkins. It’s either because of the beetles or because of our uneven watering habit. It doesn’t help that it rains for a week, then gets super hot for several days. Then rains again. It’s hard to predict how much water we should really add to the soil.

The fact the plant also is in the floodplain in our yard isn’t helping. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Who knows, maybe one of the other pumpkin plants will start producing vegetables.

Here are a few photos from the garden this week.