Mountain Mama Adventures has been on the interwebs for eight years!!

I’ve got nothing to say about it. My mind is blank and pretty numb. I felt like the axe that my son is holding in the photo. Like I was sitting going about my business, then got attacked by pumpkins. I’m whole, but reality was shattered.

Well, maybe I have something.

This week, we learned our daughter was possibly exposed to COVID. She is in quarantine as ordered by our regional health department. The rest of us are not until either she or we develop symptoms.

I feel like I’m living some weird dream — where I’m here but not really. The Oh, My God feeling that COVID may be coming to our house is surreal.

We wash hands, sanitize, wear masks, etc. Friends have/has had it. Yet, that was their family, not ours. While I feel bad for those who have had to deal with it, it’s felt removed from my reality until it wasn’t.

Since Nov. 1, my writing has been focused on NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I have had a story in my head since high school. I’m finally putting it down on paper. Right now, focusing on that novel helps me escape.

Putting contingency plans in place only heightens my anxiety. I’m not eating as I should — trail mix is my best buddy right now, especially the kind with chocolate covered espresso beans mixed in. I really could use a gallon-sized Dairy Queen Blizzard right now.

I’m also being more consistent about meditating in the morning to calm things down. I haven’t been to my usual workout groups because I don’t want to risk spreading anything to them.

I did get tested. Out of everyone at our house, I have the most allergy/cold/COVID symptoms. But my test was negative.

I shouldn’t worry but … that’s my job as a mom and adult. It is also my job to live life to the fullest, show my kids how to adapt and overcome by example.

I feel like I’m in one of those movies, everything is in slow motion. The bus is right in front of me and I see it coming. The audience is yelling to get out of the way, and I’m just frozen.

Eight years ago, I thought I’d be thinner by now, a coach or food blogger with a cookbook. It took my eight years to find the courage to admit I need help to achieve my goals. I feel I’m finally on the right path.

At the moment, I just take things day to day and keep my fingers crossed. Keep my head above water is the immediate goal. Once this quarantine thing is over, we’ll move forward together.

Thank you for reading Mountain Mama Adventures. I have enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Let’s keep adventuring together.