Now that I’m in the final week before my Grand Slam, I can’t help but wonder already …

What’s next?

In February of this year, I did the Hillraiser Endurance Challenge — a grueling 6-mile course that I traveled in twice. It was an epic adventure that taught me a lot about myself, what I’m capable of and how important it is to have someone cheering for you.

I can’t say that I’m in better shape than I was at this time last year. While I have more muscle definition in legs and arms, I’ve gained a lot of weight in my mid-section. It makes athletic activities harder. It’s harder to be enthusiastic about workout out when getting around is much more difficult than it was about five months ago.

*long sigh*

While I have gained weight, something has shifted for me mentally. To be honest, I’m a little slow on some things. I think I finally figured out how to beat back some of the things that have been dragging me down.

I think my kids, who are rather keen observers, were the first to notice that I laugh more. And it’s a full body laugh, not just a golf-clap laugh. I also don’t get mad as often as I did.

Almost 15 years ago, a meditation teacher told me I needed to have kids in order to calm down and destress. He may have been right.

Of course it took 11 years to strip away a big chunk of my Type-A personality, so he doesn’t deserve that much credit.

So, where do I go from here?

The first thing is to go on a trip. When I know more, I’ll share it with you, but it’s something I’ve never done and I’m super excited about. It has to do with this shirt I won from Charity Miles and it’s Care United campaign.

Then there is a race — five miles and a dozen doughnuts — the Krispy Kreme Challenge. I have an hour to finish this race. Right now, I’m not sure that I can do that. With my current pace, I won’t have a lot of time to eat the doughnuts and run to the finish line.

After the grand slam, which will be next weekend, I get to recover for a few days and then start training.

I will make an effort to better chronicle my efforts here and on social media.

P.S. The blog’s anniversary is later this month. I’m in the process of changing the blog and social media presence. Don’t freak out, but if something is wonky and needs improvement, let me know.