So I recently started posting garden updates here. Looking back, it’s a lot of lovely garden things.

So, I started a new blog, Flooded Garden, to host those garden thing and all the recipes I hope to create.

I want this to be about adventures in mental and physical fitness. The food and garden deserve their own spot. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a mega-cool website with a bunch of different topics.

From one of my training runs.

This past week, I kicked off my first training plan in a while — a Zombies, Run! App plan that will get me to the 10k distance. It’s three days a week, which gives me plenty of time to workouts I want to do on my own.

Those workouts include gardening, open-water swimming, lifting kayaks and other little boats so I can repair them, and other things.

I’m now into the third week. In six more weeks, I’m supposed to run a 10k. I’m a bit worried, but confident.

Can’t wait to see what this training session holds.